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Discover the most exciting new British and European brands.

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Favours the Brave chronicles British & European brands going Direct to Consumer by researching  three key areas of building a modern brand - Commerce, Culture, and Community.

Silicon Valley brands dominate the headlines of the new Consumer Economy - Warby Parker, Bonobos, Casper have all been at the forefront of disrupting business models, finding new followers, and committing to doing good at a pace established brands struggle to move at.

But on this side of the Atlantic there's plenty of interesting brands going direct to consumer too, and we want to shine a light on them.

For every Glossier there's Haeckels, harvesting Margate seaweed and turning it into luxury cosmetics.

For every Everlane there’s Community Clothing, making wardrobe staples in traditional Lancashire textile communities.

For every Away Travel there’s Millican, making sustainable bags in the tranquility of the Lake District.

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Direct to Consumer eCommerce Research

Interested in starting a brand? Or want to know how others have? Our research takes you into the workings of a DTC brand.

Websites being shown on laptop and mobile phone next to a window

What eCommerce Platforms do DTC Brands use?

In many ways, it's never been easier to start an eCommerce business, and as digital agency owners we're often asked for platform recommendations. To help these brand owners choose their eCommerce platforms we've profiled the tech stacks of the DTC brands we've curated on this site.

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Asket denim factory in Italy sewing a pair of jeans

Asket: Ending the era of Fast Fashion

Today we buy 60% more clothing than we did 15 years ago, and only keep those garments for half as long. In contrast to this, there has been a growth of brands taking a more sustainable approach.It’s easy and somewhat fashionable for a brand to say they are sustainable, but what are the realities of being a responsible brand?

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Nick Hussey of Frahm Jacket

FRAHM Jacket: Building a tough and beautiful brand

It's all well and good building a nice brand, but what about the business side too? As a second time founder, Nick Hussey from FRAHM Jacket knows well how it feels with things take a turn for the worse. We spoke with Nick about the challenges of the clothing industry, business models, and supporting men's mental health.

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Christian Smith of Outdoor Provisions bikepacking in remote countryside

Outdoor Provisions: Moving beyond shareholder value

Sometimes ideas and opportunities comes when we're least expecting them. Christian Smith of Outdoor Provisions talked to us about how an idea amongst like minded cyclists led to him stepping out of the blue chip environment to start a brand that's about more than feeding the capitalist machine.

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Jeffrey Bowman of Millican Bags in the Lake District

Millican Bags: Balancing Brand and eCommerce

The events of 2020 impacted us all, and for brands that meant quickly adapting to the accelerated shift online. Jeffrey Bowman of Millican talked to us about how DTC channels helped them navigate the challenges, and the importance of Brand and eCommerce working hand in hand.

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