Alternative Gift Guide : Products made from recycled waste

It's no great surprise that in light of current ecological concerns consumer behaviour is changing to include more responsible purchasing. The recent scandals about fast fashion and the wider realisation of the environmental damage it creates is slowly helping progress the discussions around the value of circular economy practices.
Matt Kendall
Side note; When we started Favours the Brave, it was never with the aim of creating purchasing guides. And we're certainly not doing this for affiliate revenue or for our own gain.

Instead, given the challenging year we've all had, we want to encourage you to support smaller, local brands this festive season. With retail locked down in so many places, a brands eCommerce channel has become more vital than ever. Please do support where you can, and take note of the small joys of purchasing not from Amazon.

Brands are responding to the need for more responsible behaviour, with initiatives such as sustainable packaging being table stakes for any modern brand. Slash packaging is helping to spotlight brands committed to transparent practices around product packing.

But wrapping a damaging product in a recycled packaging still does not go far enough, and many brands are now using materials created from waste to create their products.

Millican's Core Collection is the manifestation of their commitment to owning their responsibility to the planet by making their product out of post-consumer waste.

The responsible use of materials also creates an undeniable link between product and place. Haeckels uses seaweed extracts from the Margate shore to make beauty products.

Gomi set out to Pledge to crowdfund their phone chargers, all handmade in Brighton from 100% 'non-recyclable' plastic waste, and repurposed batteries, and surpassed their goal by 635%

In curating the list of over 100 brands going direct to consumer in the UK and Europe this growing movement towards innovative and responsible production techniques was evident. Here's our picks

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